A Better Smile


Are you conscious about your smile? Do you feel anxious to show your teeth?

Here at A Better Dental Care we provide you a range of dental solutions. Our clinic provides modern and advanced dental treatments, which include::

  • Veneer
  • Implant crown
  • Implant retained bridge or denture
  • Orthodonics.

We can help you bring back your Smile..

Veneer - Treatment for crooked, discoloured or gaps in your teeth

At A Better Dental Care we can treat your crooked or discoloured teeth. We use Porcelain veneers, which is a medically graded ceramics, that is used to enhance your smile.


Are you missing or have a badly damaged tooth that requires extraction. Or you are suffereing from missing teeth and looking for a natural dental solution for your smile. We can help you.

We give you advice on the correct treatment to fix the problem. For your damaged tooth, we can replace the tooth with fixed Titanuim implants, capped with porcelain crowns. For missing teeth, we can help by providing Dental Implant Bridge. Implant Retained Bridge is a permanent denture solution used to replace missing teeth. They give a natural look and feel and an better alternative to conventional, removable dentures.

LASER Whitening - for a whiter teeth

Teeth that is badly dis-coloured from years of mis-use or you want a makeover of your teeth.

Our high tect LASER treatment is very effective in whitening your the teeth.

Orthodontics - crooked teeth

At A Better Dental Care, along with braces we provide a 'No Braces' option such as plates and Invisalign.

A Better sleep


Are you waking up with headaches? this can be due to number of reasons This might be due to the grinding of your teeth during sleep.

Snoring is caused from airway obstruction. At night while sleepgin a person can feel as if they are choking or gasping for air, this is sleep apnoea. They are frequently awoken during the night and their sleep patten gets interrupted. This leads to tiredness, being lethargic and headaches during the day.

Here at A Better Dental care, we have several treatments to fight and reduce Sleep Apnoea.

These include treatments for:

Occlusal Splint (Night Guard)

Bruxism is a generally occuring issue where people during sleep tend to clench or grind their teeth. If left untreated can lead to damage to the jaw joints (TMJ) or severe morning headaches.

At A Better Dental Care these problems can be treated with specialised mouth guards.

Snore guard

Snoring is part of the normal sleep pattern. It occurs from airway obstruciton of the mouth during sleep. It also can be a nuisance to their partners and to unwanted social issues. We at A Better Dental Care can provide Snore guard, which an individual can wear during sleep. Which can reduce the effects of snoring. Giving you as well as your partner a good peaceful sleep.

Appliance for Sleep Apnea

A Better Dental Care has a number of solutions to help fight and control sleep apnoea. Sufferers of mild to moderate sleep apnoea can get an alternative solution to CPAP from us.

For more information about Sleep Apena check the, I have sleep Apena What Now (.pdf).

A Better Bite

Are you missing any teeth? You might not realise that you might be chewing only on one side of your mouth. This can lead to headaches and cause permanent problems with your jaw.

Are you grinding your teeth during sleep, this may lead to wearing off of your teeth, cracked tooth or waking up with headaches.

At A Better Dental Care we have can help you with these issues with proper treatment.

Implant Crown

Here at A Better Dental Care we replace missing and badly damaged teeth, which requires extraction, with fixed Titanuim implants capped with porcelain crowns.

This can be for a single tooth or the whole restoration of the mouth.

Night Guard (Occlusal Splint) - grinding or clenching teeth

Excessive clenching and grinding during sleep (Bruxism) can lead to:

  • Attrition- Wear off on the tip of the your teeth
  • Abfraction - An angular notch at the gumline.
  • Crack Tooth Syndrome - a crack or a split on the tooth
  • TMJD - damage to the jaw joint

At A Better Dental Care we have the experience to diagnose and the technology to treat these problems.

Full Mouth Rehabs

Do you have a severely damaged tooth, or a collapsed mouth or perhaps multiple dental problems? Its never too late to address them. Whichever the issue, we provide an advanced and comprehensive treatment with multidisciplinary approach for your mouth.

A Better Care

We passionately believe better oral hygiene promotes better health! Our motto is "Better Care Than Cure". It is our commitment to make people aware the importance of prevention and how to maintain healthy teeth. It is our belief that proper prevention starts at childhood, we educate and motivate kids on how to look after their teeth.

Dietary Advice & Oral Hygine Instruction

'You are what you eat, and so is your teeth'. At A Better Dental Care we give advice about your healthy eating and keeping your teeth clean. We provide information on Oral Hygiene Instructions, as well as explaning and demonstrating on how to care for your teeth.


Fluoride is a great preventive agent, it helps strengthen the enamel of your teeth. Regular application of fluoride will help avoid tooth decay.


Build-up of tatar on your teeth can lead to gum diseases. Regular checkup and scaling from your dentist can help prevent gum issues.

Fissure Sealant

The deep grooves on your molar teeth are common places where tooth-decay develop, as they are difficult to clean. Sealing these grooves will prevent cavity forming on you teeth, especially with children.